what can i put over broken uneven cement on pool deck

How to Repair a Cracked and Uneven Cement Pad

Tackling a cracked and uneven slab of concrete can seem daunting, but it . Install backer rod, caulk the crack and finishing. .. Nearly all driveways will develop cracks or shifting over time. ... Need help repairing broken cement steps? ... Kit is a quick and easy repair of cracks in slabs, driveways, patios, pool decks.

How to Make Your Concrete Pool Deck Look

15 Dec 2015 . If there is one thing that will really ruin the look of your pool deck, it is . This mixture must be thinner than the mixture you use for small or . Over time, the concrete in your pool deck takes a beating. .. They completely renovated our concrete pool surround which was uneven and buckling at the joints.

How to Repair a Cracked and Uneven Cement Pad | Home Guides

Tackling a cracked and uneven slab of concrete can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. . Use a level to go over the slab and identify the low areas.

How to resurface cracked concrete with BRICKFORM Overlay

17 Oct 2012 . We transformed an old cracked concrete slab by resurfacing . . what kind of grinding tool did you use to remove the excess epoxy? . I'd like to do this same application on an existing concrete pool deck in Michigan but have been .. Broken Slab Concrete Foundation - Top n Bond Solution - Duration 313.

Broken Slab Concrete Foundation - Top n Bond

18 Apr 2012 . A polymer modified, sand and cement repair mortar for the re. . would u be able to put tile on top of this patched area? it wouldnt be level with.

Renovating a pool deck without removing old cracked

Pavers can be installed on top of an existing concrete deck, even if the deck is . The reno coping is then install over mud right on the top of the old pool border.

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Leveling Uneven Patios, Pool decks, Walkways, Driveways & More. . Cracked concrete should be replaced if due to the three conditions listed below . Any patching compound used to patch these types of cracks will only be a short term fix.

Leveling Uneven Concrete Patios

Don't replace you entire patio when you can level the concrete. . Siding · Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs & Saunas · Roofing · Sunrooms & Outdoor Storage .. then pack the sand down firmly with a tamping machine before putting the concrete back in place. . If the damage is spread over the whole concrete slab, it may be easier to.

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio | Family

A concrete slab in this condition has to be either broken up and carted away or decked over. . Even if your patio is in terrible shape, you can deck over it. . year after year, any decking you put over it will also sink and develop a low spot. .. If you have a badly uneven patio like ours, flattening the sleepers with shims (Photo.

How to Repair Cracks and Resurface a Concrete Driveway

Before applying it, wet the concrete down to prevent it from drying out too quickly. .. over 50 years old, it's less than 1/2 ” thick and is cracked, broken and missing in . same procedure you used to fix the cracks on the driveway, on a pool deck? . Wouldn't the proper thing to do is jackhammer the uneven section and pour a.

How to repair a cracked & old cement patio {before

how to repair an old cracked cement patio {diy patio} . Do not roll over back and forth. . This stuff can be used on a deck also. .. i'm in Texas and unsure how it will hold up to the heat, although our pool patio is covered with a pergola. . My cement "patio" is cracked and uneven (badly), will this work for a repair like that?

Am I foolish to save my cracked pool decking? -

19 Feb 2016 . Huge cracked pool deck, some uneven/settled areas, mismatched . Recommendations and how much should I reasonably put in . like a grill with a broken wheel or something was dragged over the patch. . We look at the reasons concrete has a tendency to crack — and what you can do to help control it.

Repairing Concrete Edges & Corners | QUIKRETE?

Repair broken edges and corners on concrete steps, curbs, slabs and walls without . TIP unsound or flaking concrete can be removed by using a hammer and.

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Pool deck leveling using slab jacking and foam jacking to level settled pool . Concrete Jack's pool deck leveling services can stabilize and lift your pool . As a result, the backfill soil settles on its own over a period of up to around 10 years.

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The concrete pad creates a functional patio, but over time can become stained, cracked, or just plain boring. Give your space a fresh look with a new layer of.

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21 Jul 2015 . This situation is common in many pool, patio and porch designs. . Installing decking boards on top of concrete prevents air from circulating . This uneven release of moisture causes cupping, warping, and twisting. . Watch this video to see how easy it is to install our deck tiles over an old concrete patio.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Concrete Sidewalk?

9 Dec 2015 . But for an average 4-by-50-foot sidewalk, it could cost as little as $1,000 . Stamped concrete is a growing trend for patios and pool decks, but it.

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A cracked, broken or uneven concrete pool deck is one the most challenging problems for . We can transform your aging pool deck into a safe, beautiful, and.

2017 Average Cost of Mudjacking | Concrete Leveling

How Much Does It Cost To Level Or Mudjack Concrete Slabs? . Over time, the soil around your home settles, which results in the exact problem . that even pool decks, driveways, and other aspects of your home can benefit from mudjacking. . It may, however, mean that if you use the technique for the load bearing parts of.

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Concrete floors and slabs, driveways, patios, pool decks and sidewalks can become . Uneven concrete surfaces increase the risk or tripping and injury; Broken . tendency to shrink and crack over time, especially if the floor is under stress.