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17 Mar 2011 . Many plastics are more rigid and prone to cracking than wood, and you should always. . Drive the screw into the plastic while it is still hot.

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Recycled Plastic Lumber Group of Profiles Drilling. All fixing holes should be pre-drilled with an HSS or wood bit prior to screwing. A low drilling . This demonstrates the importance of taking into account the process of expansion/contraction.

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As well as the simple slotted screw head, there are three different types of screw heads into which the screwdriver or bit fits Phillips (PH), Pozidriv (PZ) and Torx.

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19 Jun 2012 . I show a home with wood trim and non stainless fasteners .

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Screw holes are best pre-drilled with a pilot hole using an HSS or wood drill bit and . This demonstrates the importance of taking into account the process of.

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Method 2 Screws Invisible. Pre-drill holes (5/16-in diam.) into each plank. Counter sink all holes (1/2-in.diam.) at a depth of 3/8 in. Apply screw caps (available.

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Our plastic lumber can be fastened to a deck frame using standard fastening . Drill screws perpendicular to the deck surface into the wood framing underneath.

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Please note Be careful when you cut any plastic lumber material to length. . First move the boards into the shade or cover them with a tarp to ensure . Screws are extensively used and provide excellent results, but pre-drilling is a must.

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31 Jul 2012 . Natural-wood decking products can be roughly divided into three . woods are also lightweight and easy to cut and fasten with nails or screws.

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DIY Network shows the benefits of using composite wood vs. real wood. . good alternative to consider — composite wood, which is actually part wood and part plastic. . You can drill holes into it, cut it, drive screws into it and drive nails into it.

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4 Jan 2017 . People choose wood plastic composite (WPC) or even plastic . You can also drive decking screws or stainless-steel trim-head . but be warned This allows moisture to seep into the wood fibers, which can lead to rotting.

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If the wood filler area is fairly shallow (much shallower than the length of the screw), it should be fine. . After a filling a hole with wood filler, can you screw into that area? .. How do you remove a plastic plug jammed into a screw hole?

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8 Mar 1998 . You can also use wood screws to fasten two pieces together. The technique for driving the screws into the plastic is different from the technique.

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6 Apr 2016 . . combine landfill-bound plastic, wood scrap, and sawdust into .. Using composite deck screws is critical because they are specially designed.

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Answers to your questions about working with recycled plastic lumber products. . Because we do not incorporate fibrous materials into our product, there is . steel deck screws for shorter boards (please see our information under expansion.

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6 Aug 2014 . Self-tapping screws are fasteners that are designed to drill their own hole as they are screwed into wood, plastic or metal. By using a screw.

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Our plastic lumber is a solid, non-hollow foamed recycled product made from .. 3/4″ x 6 T&G floor boards Blind screw through the tongue into each joist with.

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The common solution was a hardened nail, or a wood plug with a screw driven in the center. Now, at the turn of . Tap the plastic anchor into the hole. It should fit.

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PVC azek trim looks and cuts like wood and it lasts forever, but there are a few special . Drive screws or nails into framing only, never just to the sheathing.

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This allows them to fall into a composite type product category, however what separates them from other “composite” products is that typically PLASTIC LUMBER.