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The susceptibility to weather cycles is hard on wood and can lead to splits, cracks, checks and other appearance issues. To minimize these concerns,.

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Pressure treated lumber products, such as YellaWood? brand products, are treated in a . After cleaning, a water repellent or a stain with water repellent can be.

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12 Sep 2011 . Learn more /paint-stain * Water repellents minimize effects of weather cycles - UV stabilizers are important - Apply within 6.

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12 Jun 2017 . This lumber can be stained as soon the deck is built. Here is how to keep . Sealing, painting and staining pressure treated wood yellawood.

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12 Jun 2017 . Use an orbital sander to remove any a little bit of stain and some know how are all you need . Treated lumber clean & seal can i leave my deck unstained? . YellaWood? When can I paint or stain pressure treated wood?

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13 Jun 2017 . Sealing, painting and staining pressure treated wood yellawood. Stain is basically a pigmented oil that penetrates the lumber and creates water.

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4 Sep 2014 . /staining-pressure-treated-wood/ Staining pressure treated wood can . Staining pressure treated wood can be a real chore. .. YellaWood? When can I paint or stain pressure treated wood?

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29 Apr 2017 . Staining a new KDAT deck properly will allow you to enjoy your new .. We are having a large second story deck redone in YellaWood KDAT.

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11 Mar 2015 . Staining a new deck is much different than staining an old deck. Older wood is drier and very porous. It will absorb most any type of wood stain.

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Something about the wood pores having to open up so the paint or stain can . used to replace cracked and warped wood was the brand Yellawood, I went to.

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The wood on a new deck needs to dry thoroughly before sealing or staining. If the wood came . This is what the folks at YellaWood suggest. Pour a few drops . Can I use a solid stain ? or semi transparent? or any other idea ? Thanks Farhad.

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30 Jul 2015 . Should you stain or paint or seal your deck? All will protect your decking, thus saving you tons of cash. . Hughes, Dixon, Ford, Wilding, via YellaWood.).

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Just because you used pressure-treated lumber doesn't mean your outdoor project has to stay green. Not only can you can stain treated wood, you should st.

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TWP 100 Series Stain will perform at its maximum potential when the wood is .. I stained my new deck of Kiln dried yellawood 2 years ago with TWP 100.

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The water repellent inside the wood will provide long-lasting protection to deck . Severe Weather brand pressure-treated wood can be stained or painted after.

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Getting the wood dry can sometimes be a problem, because treated wood is . or biannually) with a penetrating semitransparent stain or a penetrating clear.

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15 Mar 2010 . In cool, damp weather or when shaded, wood will take much longer to dry. Before staining you'll want to make sure your wood is completely.

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Stained YellaWood Deck with Gazebo in Overland Park, KS. Stained Pressure Treated deck with Gazebo in OPKS. YellaWood Deck in Overland Park, KS.

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YellaWood is the industry standard for treated lumber. . has increased fastener holding power and can be stained or painted immediately after installing.

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Want to paint or stain your columns to match your house? Be our guest. Because ... Can these columns be purchased in the 10 in x 10 in size. This question is.