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A scupper is an opening in the side walls of an open-air structure, for purposes of draining water. They are usually placed at or near ground level, and allow rain or liquids to flow off the side of the open-air structure, instead of pooling within the walls. Ship's bulwark and scupper in Russian and English . Ships have scuppers at deck level, to allow for ocean or rainwater drain off.

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The bilge is the lowest compartment on a ship or seaplane, below the waterline, where the two . Water that does not drain off the side of the deck drains down through the ship into the bilge. This water may . The collected water must be pumped out to prevent the bilge from becoming too full and threatening to sink the ship.Bilge waterBilge maintenance

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the ship water system, which includes storage, distribution and onboard ... Lockers must be closed, self-draining and fixed above the deck The lockers should.

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Nautical An opening in the side of a ship at deck level to allow water to run off. 2. An opening for draining off water, as from a floor or the roof.

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The deck of a ship or boat is well above the water - anywhere from 6 feet to 80 feet, depending on . My 32 foot sailboat has scuppers and a self-draining cockpit.

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21 Jul 2016 . There are several drains provided in the ship's engine room. . On a new ship, it was found that we were draining water not from the Air bottle.

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Products 1 - 36 of 52 . Seaflow White Plastic Drain Plug Assembly (25mm Cut Out). Part No. 407991 . BACKORDER ? Brass Countersunk Boat Deck Drain 3/8".

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Part 5 Drainage of decks, cargo spaces and swimming pools .. a pipe fitting which prevents water from entering into the ship from outboard. 3.15. availability of.

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2) Draining Fresh and Sea water Pipe lines, Valves, etc 3) Fire line, deck wash lines, ballast water lines, tank cleaning lines, and various lines containing water.

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20 Sep 2017 . To find out why, we asked around the docks, checked insurance records, . Water seeped past the gimbal bearing and poured into the boat because . Although this won't seal the drains, it can greatly slow the release of water. . enough water to reach non-waterproof openings in the deck and fill the bilge.

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a drain or spout allowing water on the deck of a vessel to flow overboard. 2. an opening in the side of a building for draining off water. 3. a drain in a factory floor.

IMO Ref. T4/4.01 MSC.1/Circ.1320 11 June 2009 GUIDELINES FOR… Jun 2009 . special category spaces of passenger and cargo ships, as set out in the annex. 2 . drainage systems of fire-fighting water from closed vehicle and ro-ro . Scuppers are a system of gravity deck drains and connected piping.


Following the piping from one end of the ship to the other, deck by deck and compartment . Ordinarily, the fire main supplies water pressure for several other cruising and battle systems. .. Some fire pumps also may be used as drainage pumps. . Cut-out valves located in the fire main proper, and its cross-connections, are.

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Scupper definition, Nautical. a drain at the edge of a deck exposed to the weather, . "opening in a ship's side at deck level to let the water flow out," early 15c.,.

DNV Ship rules Pt.4 Ch.6 - Piping Systems - Rules and… Sec. 4 Ship Piping Systems . ... B 200 Prevention of unintentional ingress of water into compartments or between . D. Drainage of Cargo Deck Spaces.

Definitions of Ship Terms side of a ship; the recess into which all water drains. ... provides ready drainage of water from deck. . open end of the slip and the water is pumped out.

compartment damage control marking guide - Stronger security is… If a compartment extends down to the shell of the ship, the . W– Compartments storing water, including bilge, sump and peak tanks. ... Drain. DRCOV. Drainage Cut Out Valve. DS ( ) *. Deck Socket (List i.e., Reach Rod)*. DV.

Vessel Sanitation Program Construction Guidelines -… Sep 2011 . Vessel Sanitation Program ... Deck Drains, Deck Sinks, and Scuppers .......................25 .. 7.1.1 Potable Water .

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Aquamasters, Inc. carries a variety of Deck Drains for Swimming Pools. . All Deck Drains must ship via Common Carrier, and are sold by the case. Deck Drains.

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Small holes through the Ship sides at Deck level which allow water to drain over the . to close to prevent water coming in but to open to allow water to drain out.